Inland Empire Job Leads


Welcome! My name is Sylvia Coronado and I am the Admin of the Inland Empire Job Leads page.

Here I will post any and all job leads as I receive them and I look to all of you to receive these leads, as well as post any that you may find to be legit! Please KNOW that I do not endorse any company or website posted on this page. I nor any other future admin will not assume any responsibility or liability regarding any activities resulting from postings or solicitations on this page.

Now, with that being said, I want to make this a friendly networking group where we can all look together and help each other out.
It is very important that WE ALL be respectful of one another. Drama will be deleted and removed from this page!

I also, want to ask that you keep post strictly for job leads, anything other than a job lead or a helpful resource may be deleted. In addition to that, should you post a lead that is actually a Phishing or some sort of Spam your post WILL be DELETED and YOU WILL BE REMOVED and possibly blocked.

If you are an employer posting a lead please at least include in your post Location of job and type of pay, i.e., commission, hourly, salary, etc. within the description of the job opening.

Please remember that you can always visit your local workforce centers for additional assistance in finding work, resume and interview assistance, and possible training when funding is available.

To find an office near you please visit

For Riverside County you may visit for more info and for more job leads