Innovation Hair Design Academy

"Service through excellence, excellence through training"

Richard Wyss opened Innovation Hair Design Academy in 2004. An average of 16 students per annum have come through our ranks. The school, one of only a few private institutions around the country has enabled us to train young aspiring hairstylists and achieve wonderful results due to the high standard we always endeavor not least through the excellent teaching methods employed by Delma McLeod our principal/teacher.

This group is for all past students, current students & those who may want to be apart of this experience we all share.

This group is to keep everyone up to date with the latest at the academy & make it easier to find models for client days when we practice our creative skills - this applies to current students.

Please feel free to upload ANY photo's of memories, idea's, fun days or anything else suitable to this group & the students who had the privilege of attending this academy.

Contact: Gayle - Personal Assistant
Tel. 031 303 6254