Inside the Sindhi Kitchen

Sindhi food is not only different in taste but is also it is influenced by many invaders who came to India and ruled it for centuries.

In this way who ever invaded India from time to time left the stamp of their culinary expertise on the Sindhi cuisine. In spite of this they also have their own traditional dishes which remain unchanged through the centuries

Sindhi’s are real gourmets at heart where ever they have migrated even to far off places they have taken with them their culinary expertise most importantly the papads , achaars and sweet dishes as a result the delicacies from sindh hold a definite place in the kitchens of many house holds in the world.

And is started by Golden Reejsinghani who started her career in writing when she was small. At the age of 11.She wrote her first cook book "cook book for kiddies".

Making her the youngest cook book writer in the world. . She has also written for Mid-day, Indian express, Tinkle, Target, handled the children's page for cuisine magazine.

Her case studies where also published by Ministry of small-scale industries Government of India titled 'Women Entrepreneur's in India '

She has also written for woman's era, Just like that JLT DNA numerous times in the city un canned space, and her articles are also published in DNA Navi Mumbai , Hindustan Times.

Her three books on cooking have been published which are 'cooking with the best cooks’, Cooking for beginner’s and Bachelors and 'Delightful Indian Dishes'.

At present she writes for more than 14 publications from both India and abroad as a columnist, Food editor and features writer and has won many awards in the field of cooking

This group is a about authentic sindhi food in which you can post your recipes on food , cocktails and mocktails , ask questions and post anything related to food. This group also invites writers and authors to contribute their recipes.

You can also post food photos of luscious and deliciously prepared foods which you have made and share them with others.