Inter dimensional unity council

Welcome to the home of the interdimensional unity council where beings from all places can get together to discuss the issues we deal with here on earth.We aim to EDUCATE and discuss SCIENCE based topics if possible. May we all agree to disagree. May we be blessed and live long and prosper through the love of learning. iF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH ANY OF OUR POSTS THEN PLEASE DISCUSS IT WITH US AND IT WILL BE CHANGED. ONCE A WEEK WE PLAY MUSIC IN ADDITION TO THE REGULAR POSTS. here we hold true to the free will and love theories and that education will FREE your mind to make a good choice for yourself. We hold as little judgment as possible. No matter who or what you identify with you will be accepted here in the morning stars inter dimensional council room of education. thank you. GROUP RULES...(1) PLAY NICE (2) NO NUDITY...i know ah shucks...(3) HAVE AN OPEN MIND AND HEART (4) DON'T PISS THE BOSS OFF (5) NO EGO BASHING...just ask it to move over POLITELY... (6) NO posting of other groups kinda rude...(7) no anonomys stuff (8) try and keep your posts positive THANK YOU