Interesting Talks Oxford

The calendar keeps track of talks in and around Oxford.

Know of an upcoming talk? Please feel free to post it straight to the calendar.

Twitter: @OxfordTalks

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1: Give us at least 48 hours' notice. We usually update the calendar once a day, but occasionally we miss one, so it's worth giving us as much notice as you can.

2: Provide a link to any websites or Facebook pages associated with your event/society and we'll include it in your event page.

3: Keep your title brief. Our twitter bot has a maximum title length of 87 characters, so we might edit your title down a bit to avoid it getting truncated awkwardly.

4: Give all the necessary info in your event description but don't make it too long - we might edit it down if needed.

5: Double check your event details on the calendar. We're careful to get the details correct but sometimes we make a typo, so please do double-check and inform us if we've made a mistake, which we'll correct as soon as we notice.

6: Spread the word! The more people who subscribe to our Facebook pages, Twitter feed, and Google calendar, the more chance there is of your target audience seeing your talk, so please link us to all your friends. Don't forget about our sister page either - Interesting Talks London