Interiors Home Solution

Interiors Home Solution is a pioneer in Home Decoration. In exis...tence for over a quinquennium. IHS has always focused on creating unique high-impact solution for Home Decoration.

In the modern era, the society is growing very fast; thinking of people has been changed with the passes of time. Every one has some dream for his home with a beautiful decoration. Interiors Home Solution is the only company in the market which can fulfill your all dream within your budget.

If you are going with the Interiors Home Solution means you have got all the solution for your home through one hand, Because Interiors Home Solution providing all the decoration solution for the home like False ceiling, Furniture Decoration, Painting Work, Electrical Work and Plumber work.


We are provide services for the Home Decoration and also Supplying all types of False Ceiling material like Gypsum Board, POP Sheet, POP Powder, Gypsum Plaster, Joint Compound and all types of false ceiling frame material, PVC Material etc.

WHY OUR COMPANY...?????????

1. We are a well established company.
2. We are providing our Services in the Home Decoration as well as Supplying the products
3. We have a well experienced team.
4. We are focusing on result as well as on the satisfaction of clients.
5. Quality attributes:-
• High strength
• Attractive design
• Durable standards
• Dimensional accuracy
• Long serving life
6. We are providing the all Interior home Solutions
7. We are providing easy way for you to solve your all home solution.
8. My services are available for 24 hours for you
9. Provides fresh, clean aesthetic look.
10. For any home query, you can contact to us at any time.


1. All types of False Ceiling material like Gypsum Board, POP Sheet, POP Powder, Gypsum Plaster etc.
2. All types of false ceiling frame material and Joint Compound, PVC Material.
3. House Furniture- Kitchen, Modular Kitchen, All types of Ward rob and storage.
4. Office Furniture- Cubical, Work Station, File Cabinets, Storage etc.
5. School Furniture- Meeting Tables, Chairs, Desks etc.
6. Hospital Furniture- Counters, Table, Chairs etc.
7. All types of painting and polish works; Royal play, royal emulsion, plastic emulsion, wall texture, etc.
8. Wall Paper and Silk Plaster,
9. All types of Glass Work: partition, elevation, designer glass etc
10. All Types of Plumber Works: