International Families Club (sponsored by GLIP)

As an initiative of Greater Louisville Inc. GLIP focuses on attracting and retaining talent from around the world and working to make Louisville an appealing place not only to work but to establish a well-balanced life. One very important consideration for many professionals evaluating a career move involves their family. Recognizing that happy family life contributes to a happier professional life, GLIP strives to help make the transition to Louisville more comfortable not only for professionals relocating to Louisville for a new assignment, but also for those who move along with them.
The International Families Club has been formed to serve as a front-line welcoming committee for newcomers relocating to Louisville who bring with them spouses and children. The group will organize a range of activities targeted specifically to newly-arrived families, as well as publicizing generally available family activities in Louisville through their dedicated Facebook Group. If you know a family who has just moved to Louisville and who could benefit from connecting with this group, please let us know!

To serve as a resource for International Families starting life in Louisville, to connect them with other international families already established in Louisville, and to provide tools and resources relevant for newcomer families.

To empower International Families in becoming informed, successful and engaged community members in Louisville
To engage in community outreach and provide assistance with integration
To provide social opportunities to bring together international families