International Students in China

Welcome everybody. Purpose of this group is to help international students to share things of mutual interest. You can share anything related to language, Tourism, culture or education in China. You can ask your fellow international students if you need any kind of help from them in studies, in visiting different places or anything you want.This platform will also help students who want to come in China for higher education. They can ask questions about admission process and learn Chinese culture and study environment in China. Please make sure you do not post any kind of political material. Anything related to government or politics is strictly forbidden. You are also requested for not sharing any kind of religious activity or material in group. Please remember we are only students not anything else. This is a platform for international students so you are supposed to give equal respect to every person irrespective of his/her nationality. In case of violation you will be removed from the group permanently. Stay positive. Help each other and enjoy.

You cooperation is highly appreciated.

Thank you so much