Internet Cafe Owner -Philippines-

Welcome to the Internet Cafe Owners - Philippines- Group!
We GOT it for FREE so we'll SHARE it for FREE and not for a FEE
That's how this COMMUNITY WORKS.
Don't just lurk, Participate.
You Can Request, But Don't Demand.

*NOTE: at the moment, we are only accepting member request if you contact the admins directly and submit proof or cafe ownership.*

If you are going to sell something, proceed to the group Market page located at:

1. Respect All Admins & Members.
2. All members are required to register on the members list. It's on the FILES section. Just EDIT the DOCument.
3. Use of offensive & Vulgar words are strictly prohibited.
4. Hacking discussions ARE NOT ALLOWED. Special mention to bandwidth theft like Wireless MACs, etc. Threads, posts, comments will be immediately deleted and will most probably will get you kicked and banned indefinitely from the group.
5. DO NOT POST any adult related content (CORN). Keep the group clean and safe.
6. If you are going to post more than ONE (1) photo's, please make sure to create an ALBUM for it.
7. Member names using special symbols & characters ARE NOT ALLOWED.
8. Members who are inactive for a month might get kicked.
9. Do not post in ALL CAPS as it implies shouting.
10. If you have something to share, SHARE IT, just don't brag about it ^_^
11. No solicitation of any kind unless someone is in need of immediate medical and financial assistance (emergencies).
12. Some members maybe required to submit a proof of cafe or shop ownership, either a photo of their establishment, DTI registration, Business permit and or have an existing ICO member vouch for you and can confirm your identity.
13. Use of multiple Facebook accounts, ghost accounts is STRICTLY prohibited. Anyone caught using a FAKE account will be kicked without warning.
14. Network Marketing / Ads are not allowed (pyramid, get rich stuff, click to pay, etc.)
15. Do not flood/spam on the group wall and/or comments/replies on threads.
16. Trolling to the extent of disrespecting a decent post is not allowed and will get you kicked immediately.
17. What you see, what you hear, when you leave... you leave it here
18. When uploading FILES, please make sure you put a description on what you are uploading. FILES without description will be DELETED.

Should an admin find your post in violation of any of our set of rules & guidelines, we will give you a warning and/or delete the infractions without any consent. Repeating an offense will get you kicked and banned indefinitely.

Thank you and have a nice day ^_^