Online Business | Internet Marketing Help Group

This is group has been setup to help bring together aspiring and seasoned online marketers. Its sole aim is to act as a channel through which members help each other succeed in their respective internet business ventures or a way to market your services to others. With that in mind, we remove and ban you from the group if you can’t follow the below guidelines.

If any parent may think your image, message or video may not be suitable for their 13 year old child, don’t post it.

You can post your message twice per hour as a maximum anymore is considered spam.

Posting the same stuff from multiple profiles will be spotted and the spammer removed.

Resist the urge to make comments on your posts so as to keep bringing it to the top.

If you’re using an automated system, verify it posts once on every run.

Resist the urge to plaster your offer on unrelated discussion threads.

See you inside :)