Internet Marketing SPOT and Hangout

This group is created to provide a space where internet marketers, both green and seasoned, can share:

S - Systems|Services
P - Products
O - Opportunities|Offers
T - Tips|Tools|Techniques

This space is provided for like-minded marketers to expand reach and even influence. Let's all remember that nobody likes spam, so please be mindful of what and how often you post.

This space will remain an open group so although we acknowledge that adult entertainment and violence have their place in internet marketing, we reserve the right to provide our members with "GP" to "PG" materials only. No pornographic and/or violent material is allowed.

Posts that are spammy and contain pornographic or violent materials will be deleted without warning and the poster will be given one and final warning. Any poster who posts an inappropriate material the second time will be asked to leave the group within 24 hours or will be removed.