ENG2088M 1B1 (JAN2012)

This facebook closed group is only opened for students who are taking ENG2088M 1B1 (JAN2012) at INTI IU, Putra Nilai, Malaysia. On top of that, several honorary facilitators (tutors) are invited to join us (to assist me=KoongWK) in conducting PBL session. In future, whoever wanted to join our closed group (other than students of our class and facilita...tors) needs to get 100% approval from us (all members of the group) before he/she is added. Last, but not the least, let's witness the birth of this closed group, private and confidential, just for us, Class of ENG2088M 1B1 (JAN2012) @ INTI IU, Malaysia! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))