Insects of Britain and Northern Europe

PLEASE NOTE: We can not rename the group (facebook limitation) - This group covers all invertebrates through the whole of Europe.

A page where you can post your own pictures of insects: butterflies, moths, caterpillars and larvae, dragonflies, bugs, spiders, mini-beasts and all sorts of creepy crawlies.....videos are welcomed as well.

The aim of the site is to raise awareness of insects/invertebrates and to assist with identification of the posts. It also aims to discuss how to take better photographs of insects, the equipment required and how to get the most from your equipment on a budget.
Please don't post images from other sites, or taken by other people without their permission to post them on here. If you do post an image taken by another person (say a friend), please make sure you credit that person in the post.

When posting a photograph, please include as much information as possible, this includes where the photograph was taken, coordinates (if possible), time and date and any other information you can provide.

Also, please try to keep posts on topic. There are many other Facebook groups out there for mammals/birds/plants/fungi as well as groups for exotic pets.