Investors Network Internet Marketing

Hi Guys, I have the honour of placing the first post here. This year I started a partnership with James Deas, expert in Real Estate, in a Commercial Real Estate firm called InvestorsProActive. Guess what... I am now responsible for the Operations which now is mainly Internet Marketing. Commercial Real Estate will really become a Goldmine with people moving from homes that they can no longer afford to rental apartments and the will need more storage parks. In many cases you can get government funding for all sorts of reasons like revitalization. Once you have learned the process to analyze a property and the numbers are right, you decide either to resell immediately or "flip", you renovate or "rehab" it or you hold it for the ROI, for your own residual income. Do you have interest or do you know someone? Let me know or go to Groetjes from your
DutchFriend Marcel.