Iowa Aquatic Hobbyist

If you like FISH GROUPS, come join our fun. We are a growing group that has events through out IOWA. A real live FISH CLUB. You can TRADE, SELL, BUY. You can chat aquatics 24/7 on IOWA AQUATIC HOBBYIST FB page. Or, attend one of our great EVENTS and then meet the people you enjoy chatting with. No stress. No drama. JUST AQUATIC FUN.

IAH has a new GROUP SHARE POLICY. We ask that no group links be shared unless they are directly related to a Community event, Such as swap, auction or speaking event. In such case we ask that they be shared in the EVENT area for the group.

This will keep the flow of the group much smoother and the spam to a minimum.

We value every one of our members. We wish to make this group remain public and as open as possible.

Please PM me if you have any questions with the new policy.

Chris CLark