Iowa Cosplay

If you like Halloween, costumes, Cosplay, comic books, video games, monster movies, aliens, historical reenactments... all in the State of Iowa... THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU!!!

If you've been added to the group, or stumbled on our page and want to know what we're about... it's simple. COSTUMES!!! It doesn't have to be superheroes or anime. Movies or television. It can be any costume. The idea is to get people in the State of Iowa (or surrounding area) who love costuming together to share ideas, experience and have a good time. This is, after all COSTUME PLAY!

I do have a few requests in participation in the group.
1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don't try to convince someone that your point of view is the only correct one. State your case and if someone doesn't agree, leave it at that. We have NEVER had a problem with this in the past but I want to make sure it never pops up.

2. Share all the photos of your work that you want! If you share a photo from someone else, please give credit to that person or a link to the site where you got the photo. This is a learning group so a citation or link may help someone else with their costume. Plus, it gives some well-deserved credit to those who create and share their art!

3. Please don't post photos or videos of things that are not related to costuming. Especially anything political. This is not a soapbox.

4. Don't harass ANY member of the group. Notify me immediately if you feel that you are being harassed. This includes bugging people to help you with costumes or props. If they don't want to help or don't have the time, leave it at that!

5. All external links must have a description of the content of the link, the reason why you are sharing, and/or a discussion point you are making with the link. All links are to be cosplay related. All posts that do not comply with this will have a notification in the comments of the violation. Posts can be edited to include the required information after the link has been posted. If there has been no change to the link, it will be considered SPAM and deleted. Continued violations by a single member will be considered to be a profile trying to deliver potential malicious material to the members of the group and the violating member will be banned.