IQ Test fans

Welcome to the ultimate group for taking online IQ tests!!!

- Post links to online IQ tests
- Post screenshots of your results and compare
- Comment on the sites or tests

Please do not advertise paid tests!
Please also notify about spam links.

Facebook shows some links as "unsafe".

The aim of the group is to provide a helpful, working resource for good online IQ tests.

The criteria is that the tests should be:
- Free
- Good quality
- Give an immediate result, and ideally an IQ score

Examples of bad links:
- Paid tests
- Tests that ask to pay in the end
- Technologically unsafe sites
- Spam sites
- Advertising links
- Tests that do not return an immediate result

However, if a page does fulfill most of the criteria, it may sometimes still be worth posting.

High-range untimed tests also would not fulfill this criteria because the answers need to be checked by the author.

The group aims to provide a resource for good quality tests that are both entertaining as well as accurate and useful, and not every link that matches the term "IQ test". For this reason, please delete bad links for everyone's benefit.

When posting, ideally use a header as follows:

Title (if appropriate)

- CEILING: ?, SD: ?
- TIME LIMIT: ?/None
- ANSWERS: Given/Not given

Comments e.g. anything unusual about the test, registration, problems etc.

See also examples of other posts.

Posters are kindly requested to update their headers when more information is available, in order to improve the quality for others.

- Test takers, please do not hesitate to comment on the tests and any good points or any problems that you have experienced.
- Feel free to post your screenshots.
- Please do not discuss solutions here so as not to spoil the fun for others.

- Go to the webpage where your result is displayed
- Press Alt+Print Screen (you will find this button at the top right of the keyboard, usually next to Scroll Lock and Pause). This will take a screenshot of the current window.
- You can also press Print Screen alone. This will take a screenshot of the whole screen.
- This will do nothing but the image will be put in the clipboard.
- Open an image editor e.g. Windows Paint
- Press Ctrl+V or alternatively Shift+Insert, or just choose Paste from the application toolbar.

The above will work for Windows.
Detailed instructions for all systems here: