Brokers, Realtors, Property Managers, Investors, Developers, Lenders, Accountants, Attorneys, and anyone related to the Real Estate Industry from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This group doesn't allow posting to advertise your FB business pages and asking for "like" on it. This group doesn't allow either the advertising of your groups and/or websites and/or virtual agents' advertisement.

WELCOME to International Real Estate Group.

Features of the Group are:

*Group members will have the opportunity to publicize their properties and launch new projects.
*To exchange leads with real estate professionals around the world.
*To keep update with local, national and international market of Real Estate
*Your responsibility is to add more members related to the Real Estate Industry
*This group is supervised personally by me.

IMPORTANT: Please write the articles or advertisement in English (preferable) or Spanish for all the members of this group be able to understand.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please read and agree before ask to join the group!!! NO DUPLICATED ADS ARE ALLOWED!!!!!! THE ADS AND THE MEMBER ARE GOING TO BE REMOVED!!!!
Please limit these posts to twice a day (offenders will be warned and repeat offenders will be removed from the group)

If you have a personal fake profile, your personal profile looks fake, and/or if you don't have any information in your personal profile (totally private) probably you will not be added to this group. I protect this group from scams, spammers, and any other type of advertising that it is not about your real estate properties and/or needs.

No scams are accepted in this group!!! Thanks!!!

Take notice: I don't send personals emails, if you receive an email from me I didn't send it. Probably it is a spam.