Ireland Is Alive With Music

IRELAND IS ALIVE WITH MUSIC (IIAWM) is a "platform" for self-promotion by Ireland based unsigned talent. For artistes based outside Ireland, please see 7) below.
Membership of IIAWM is open to artistes and fans of live music.
Post one Video OR Audio Sample each time you post.
Precede that post with detail of the Genre so that folks can listen to those that they specifically like.
DO NOT just add links to your website, Band Page or buying site(s).
Experience shows that folk do not want to navigate to get to examples of music. So post links to the likes of Reverbnation, Soundcloud, etc and/or Youtube.

Radio Presenters, Radio Stations, Agents, Promoters and Live Music Venues may post Adverts and Links.
N.B. Only Ireland based DJs can post to the group IF they do gigs at venues. Non-Ireland based DJs can post if they are coming to play a venue in Ireland

Non-musicians and singers can join too.

Ireland Is Alive With Music (IIAWM) is a place for ALL to experience publicity of work, to hear samples of talented singers and musicians, and to know of gigs or air-plays that might be of interest.

Guidelines for Artists who join IIAWM

Ideally when a band or artist joins Ireland Is Alive With Music (IIAWM):-
1) Band joins.
2) Band adds ALL friends/fans to IIAWM.
3) Individual band members adds all friends to IIAWM.
4) As per the details in the Group "Description", all
posts by a band or artist MUST include one video or
audio sample of their material each time there is a post.
5) Bands or artists should not JUST post links to their
websites, Facebook sites, Myspace, etc. By all means
post the links BUT also include a video or audio sample.
6) If a band or artist is placing an advert for a gig,
again, also include a video or audio sample alongside
the gig advert.
7) Submission from bands, artists, promoters, etc. that
are based outside Ireland are welcome. The only
"condition" for bands and artists is that they are
posting their submission in advance of appearing at a
gig in Ireland.
8) There is no age limit on who might join IIAWM. So,
with that in mind, please avoid profanities in submissions.
9) As adminstration for IIAWM, we reserve the right to
remove posts that do not conform, are abusive, use
profanities. Repeat "offenders" will be removed from