Irish Vaping


Please note, if you have requested membership, and have not yet been approved, please check your "OTHER" messages folder. All admin messages will be sent to your "other" messages folder.

This is a group to ask questions, discuss vaping, make friends, gain information about vaping in Ireland and beyond.

Members can add pictures, videos, buy/sell/swap vaping gear, organise meetups by creating an event or anything else related to vaping.

**Some Basic Rules**

1. Absolutely no personal insults, name calling, heckling or abuse of other members.
1a. Anything beyond innuendo or double entendre, that crosses a line in terms of outright vulgarity, or that could be deemed offensive by other members will, at the discretion of the Admin team, be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, any comment that is disrespectful or insensitive to a gender, a sexual orientation, a religious persuasion, a nationality, skin colour or race of people.

2. All posts MUST be vaping related. The only exceptions are the permitted marking of public holidays and also well wishes for birthdays, marriages, births and health challenges of members.

3. No wholesale selling on the page.
3a. No spamming the group page.
3b. Absolutely no spamming or marketing whatever to the Private Mail of members by anyone.

4. Any discussion of illegal drugs,using vaping devices to imbibe illegal drugs, or Marijuana flavoured e-liquid is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

5. Vendors may only post 2 promotional posts per day, but it is okay to add as many extra products pictures/info etc, to the threads of these 2 posts as you like. Vendors can, of course, answer questions asked of them on the page and it is not considered a promotional post. The hijacking of another members thread, however, for UNSOLICITED marketing / self-promotion is forbidden. Outside of their own 2 permitted posts, vendors or their staff may not suggest, or link to, their own products, unless answering a question on WHERE that exact product may be gotten.
Vendors are asked to be respectful of other vendors in the group.
5a. Any Vendor not based in Ireland or Northern Ireland MUST include the product price AND shipping costs on EVERY promotional post.

6. If anyone has any issue within the group please contact a member of admin directly. If you wish to report a post, please use the REPORT button on said post.
The current admin team is

Keith Kavanagh
Mary Kinsella
Marion Davis Kennelly

7. Private selling is at sellers and buyers own risk.

8. The group is strictly OVER-18's. You may be asked to verify your age.

9. Trolling on the page may incur an immediate ban from the group.

The rules are there to protect all of us and make this group an easy going friendly place for members to enjoy.

A number of warnings & advice will be given for rule breaking but serious incidents or persistent incidents will result in removal from group.

Happy Vaping!