IRacing Setup Co-Op

iRacing Setup Co-op is entirely committed to making, improving, and contributing Setups for iRacing OPEN series' and the iRacing NIS OPEN Series.

This is IMPORTANT!!!! This is a Co-Op page. We all work together. If it is an hour a week testing a setup and giving feedback. So be it. This page is only for those who want to work together to create the best, fastest Setups for our racers. We share EVERYTHING. If you are found to not help, come in and download setups without contributing, then you will be banned from this page. We will not tolerate it. Building and Sharing Setups is the spirit and intent of this page, through cooperation with one another. If all you can give is info. DO IT. If you can test setups and report back. DO IT. If you can build setups or help build setups. DO IT. No participation, BAN. Everyone has precious time. But don't expect to profit from this page without giving back. You will be BANNED if that is found out. If you are a friend on this page, friend that same person in iRacing to enhance that collaboration. We will SHARE everything! If you download a setup and figure out how to make it better, you are expected to SHARE that setup. We accept all input and help. Positive and Negative feedback is expected and accepted. We want to make this page as friendly as possible and make it the GO TO resource for help and information, for fast, stable, and SHARED setups for all driving styles and levels for iRacing.

TeamSpeak for use of this Group:
Password: flightsimmer
Server is only good for 25 users. If it needs to be more then I will upgrade.