In The Name Of Love <3 (En Nombre Del Amor)


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IN THE NAME OF LOVE ( En Nombre del Amor)
Category:Entertainment & Arts
Television Description:A story about two sisters Macarena and Carlota who pay a pain and loneliness for their grievance for each other when they fell in love with the only guy. This unhappy love have influenced their lives much at a mature age and they are still maiden in spite of their considerable age.

At the same time this is a story about two little girls Paloma and Romina who are great friends from the very early age. They sympathize, help, love each other like sisters and even more. But this friendship will have some difficult moments in their youth with the typically young problems of first love.

Paloma has lost her parents in the tragic accident and should live with her two maiden aunts, Macarena and Carlota. Loving, careful and kind Macarena gets in close contact to her niece, but the Carlota aunt is her most polarity. She is authoritarian, cruel, dictatorial. She is enjoying making Paloma’s life unbearable. But both aunts keep the family secret that can change Paloma’s life forever.

Paloma thinks her to find her first and the only true love Iñaki and she is planning to marry him. But her aunt Carlota does her most to prevent this marriage and separate them forever.

Paloma is in despair. She is sure never to love any one else again! But Emiliano appears in her life to change it for love. But Emiliano turns out to be a fiancee of her best friend Romina and an object of Carlota’s hatred, what makes their love impossible.

But Emiliano will fight for his love! Watch and see if he could catch a success!