Information Security Management System

The objective of this group is to share information & to spread awareness on 'Information Security' Management System among people.

Information is the primary commodity in this digital world . As technology advances and access to markets expand, the need to protect information to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability to those whom need it for making critical personal, business, or government decisions becomes more important.
The advancement of technology, the Internet, and information sharing has had both positive and negative impacts. One of the negative impacts is the large
increase in new “information” threats.

Information Security Management System describes the people, processes and technologies used to focus and
manage the activities of an organization. Each
organization builds a unique system that is supportive of the goals of that organization. The system will reflect different disciplines depending on the values and culture of the organization. So, we see systems defined with
very different areas of focus such as enterprise
management, environment, health, safety, quality, web content, personnel, risk and many other topics; and with different emphasis on security factors such as the well-known triad of confidentiality, integrity, availability, or on topics such as privacy or product assurance.

Be a Cyberwarriors and in its effort to fight cyber war, you must join with me in its war against all type of threats, risks in all earnestness to protect not only information but also human community.