ISO - In Search Of (items)Fraser Valley

This is an ISO group..... If you are in search of an item or have free items to give, please post them. Please DON'T post items you have for sale, and DON'T post looking for people to buy your items... there are a ton of other groups that offer that. NO ADS PERIOD

ISO's are not to include a sob story, we are all trying to live within our means and we all have shit that happens.... nobody is more or less deserving of locating inexpensive items. I am not a callous person, I believe that everyone is entitled to their dignity and self respect. Everyone needs free or cheap items now and then in order to make their ends meet. The point of this 'no sob story' rule is to allow them to keep their dignity... they should not have to tell everyone in this group about the hard times they are experiencing in order to receive help.

That said, the posting of 'sob stories' has become a problem in this group. So, I am going to collect names and provide one warning via tagging the person on this post with their name and reason for their post being removed. If they do it again, I will remove them from the group.

*** PLEASE use the pay it forward or free sites to ask for assistance with bottles/cans, people needing EVERYTHING because of a house fire, boyfriend left, or got kicked out situations etc. You can post ISO of certain items you are needing but please don't have this huge long post with all the details of your situation. Keep it simple and put your location. Links to financial aid, food banks etc are listed at the bottom of this page.

Please feel free to offer advice on where to find cheap items others are looking for etc.

No name bashing, drama or bullshit... you will be removed.

***DON'T MULTIPLE POST !!!! Please only post your ISO ad once.... you can bump it 1x a day but there is no need for you to post the same ISO multiple times.

**** Please remove your post once the item has been taken or found. Thank you ! NEW RULE - This wall needs to be kept up.. ISO posts can stay on the wall for up to two weeks, then YOU must remove YOUR post... you can repost it if you'd like.

***** People who do not remove their own posts, run the risk of being removed from the group ****


If there are problems tag one of us please, OR click on Report to Admin on the post.