After you request to join the group, please fill out this form.

This is a volunteer based group for the Indian Students Organization at SJSU. Primary membership is restricted to students and alumni of ISO-SJSU. Any request for membership will undergo due process to ensure that it is from a student or alumni only. This step is taken so that we may continue to look out for the best interest of the group.

We at ISO - SJSU take due responsibilities in making this group a success.

Indian Student Organization provides academic advising as well as social and cultural support to newly admitted students to SjSU especially members of ISO-SJSU. ISO-SJSU also arranges events like Cricket tournament, Holi/Navratri/Diwali celebration.

If you want to make a difference, do not wait for others, join ISO-SJSU and become a working member of this group. Attend meetings, volunteer for events, initiate activities and be a driving force for the success of this group.

Transformation. Together.

*Please do not post company ad's on this group, the ad will be deleted and the user removed from the group.
*Persons who are NOT students of SJSU nor have alumni of SJSU, are requested not to apply. Those who have inadvertently joined the group, may be removed by the team in order to maintain the integrity of the group. There is nothing personal meant against the applicant.
*Persons interested in applying to SJSU for admissions my find useful information in the files section of the group posts.

Thank you