Free Muslims Coalition's Task Force on Israel/Palestine


1. Respect the rights of all communities to aspire to self-government and self- determination.

2. Use language that respects other people, members, communities, and opinions.

3. Avoid all personal attacks. Avoid demonizing or negative presumptions and generalizations about any individual or any community of people.

4. Do not proselytize. Avoid discussing personal issues and issues between members in public.

5. Avoid bigotry and racism. These are sweeping negative or positive statements about any, and especially any 'other', community or arbitrary group of people. Examples are Black People, White People, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Palestinians, Arabs, Israelis, and so on. Normally, this includes one's own community though occasionally general comments about one's *own* community will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. The administrators reserve the right to determine whether or not a statement that criticizes supporters of specific ideologies or political opinions is too general.

6. Blocking other members is counterproductive to the goals of the group, that is, coherent discussion about the Middle East. Blocking an admin is grounds for immediate removal from the group.

7. Comments about ideologies and political opinions should be as respectful as possible of those group members who identify with them. This does not mean that such ideologies and opinions cannot be criticized. It does mean that group members should avoid characterizations of ideologies and political opinions that other members would not accept as accurately representing their views.

8. If you're an administrator, do not take action against members or their posts without first consulting with at least one other admin.

9. Do not start more than 3 threads a day. If you start a thread, comment on the material you have posted. Spamming is not permitted. Do not delete the initial posting of a thread until you have consulted an administrator.

10. Do not post any material, not excluding paragraphs and photographs, without a source. Any such content shall be deleted.

11. Practice compassion for others. Before responding, try to put yourself in the other person's position.


Moderators are not always present on the site. If you see something that you believe contravenes the guidelines, please tag the administrators, making sure their names are highlighted in blue.

Abdelwahab Al Jaza'iri
Linda Feldman
Rafi Gassel
Dawud Helleman
Kamal Nawash
Denice Marie
Zayoun Basma


Please join us and tell your friends about the Free Muslims’ Task Force on Israel/Palestine which is made up of American Muslims, Christians and Jews who believe that a shared future between Israelis and Palestinians is crucial to a secure, permanent and just peace. We reject the belief that Jews and Arabs are inherent enemies and thus we reach out to Israelis and Jews to Join us on the road to brotherhood and prosperity.