Chairman’s Message

Assalamu Alaikkum

In the name of Allah,
“ISRA” mainly concentrates in the social and educational development of our society, doing various activities aiming at their integrity and prosperity. Buy the grace of Allah- the Almighty, we could buy a piece of land near the famous Juma Masjid in Vatanappally, Thrissur (Dist), Kerala, India. The educational complex which we plan to establish there, will be a treasure for our village, district and even for our state Insha Allah. The campus which is intended for the higher education of girls is in the process of beginning formalities and construction. May the Almighty fulfill all our desires and aspiration. Ameen!!

As all of us know, it is the responsibility of the faithful to wipe out the tears of the poor ones. On this outlook we are trying to do something from our side. As an initial step we have started to distribute 10 kg rice each to the poor families and Rs. 500/- as treatment assistance to the enduring patients, per month from December, 2010 onwards.

We have also started the cultural programs for the religious revival of our brothers and sisters. We have been forming “HADDAD Family units” in several places and conducting spiritual sessions and religious classes.
Realizing that it is our responsibility to dismount and descend in to the depth of the heart of our society for their integrity, we request all our brothers and sisters to help “ISRA” and be active in the path of revitalization by accepting the commands of Prophet (P.B.U.H)
May Allah’s help and Prophet’s nearness always be upon us. Ameen.

With Thanks and Regards,
Yours Sincerely,
A.K. Ahamed
Chairman - ISRA

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