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Fashion Design Course

Today's designers have evolved. They don't only create clothing; they also create lifestyles. To succeed in the spotlight of the fashion world, fashion designers need more than just an idea and a quick sketch on a sheet of paper. You need to think culturally too. At Istituto Marangoni, a fashion design school in Italy, France and UK, we favour a multidisciplinary approach. From the techniques of design and pattern making to the history of fashion and art, from marketing and sociology to understanding new technologies, we will teach you everything you need to know to create a winning product. The possibilities that are then open to you are endless: from womenswear to menswear, eyewear to swimwear, publishing to image, fashion trends to styling, teaching to graphics This Basic Programme is the creative heart of the fashion design school. Every year it prepares a new generation of fashion designers who present themselves to the fashion world with a great fashion event. This first professional experience of the industry also serves as an excellent entry into the job world.

Fashion Styling Course

Fashion communicates through images. This is the area of the fashion stylist, a person gifted with exceptional fashion sensitivity. To become an excellent fashion stylist, you will need a solid grounding in fashion. At Istituto Marangoni, fashion styling school, first you will learn how to identify new trends and achieve various looks. Next, you must gain technical competence in photography, computer image manipulation, atmosphere, lighting, choreography, make-up, hairstyling and accessories. You also have to master sociological and historic aspects of fashion, ranging from costume history to art history, and from material analysis to image coordination techniques. Then you are ready for each unique and exciting job. To best express the designer's spirit, you will choose the perfect location for an advertising campaign. You will be responsible for organising the fashion show, creating an image expressing the clothings moods and turning it into something unforgettable. You will evoke a garment's true "soul" through the creation of a store's display window. Fashion magazines will trust your taste and vision to help choose the right look for the next season.

Fashion Business Course

To manage and optimise the fashion product effectively, you need to know its evolution and its direction. This is the start of true entrepreneurship. Istituto Marangoni, fashion business school, offers this 360° preparatory programme focusing on every aspect of the fashion business: from project to production, commercialisation to distribution and retail. Here we study the product, including its life cycle, and learn how to recognise quality and analyse market trends. To do this, you must first study fabrics, collections, production and quality control. Furthermore, you will study the evolution of ways and customs, lifestyles and market demands. Finally, you must immerse yourself in the managerial and commercial sectors. You will study the market and its segmentation: you will acquire the techniques of selling and commerce. You will learn how to control costs and refine communication and promotional techniques. Upon acquiring all these skills, you will finally be able to implement your own projects, manage collaborators and consultants effectively and jumpstart your career in any fashion company, including your own.

Interior Design Course

Creating lifestyles for better living

To become an excellent Interior Designer you will need a solid grounding of aesthetic sensibility. At Istituto Marangoni Interior Design School, we give you the practical knowledge and application to interpret the present and to suggest the future, to define classic beauty and to build a solid competence in fabrics and materials. With our interior design courses, you acquire and define your personal style through knowledge and competence and practise recognising a perfect solution to a particular living space.

This course also pushes the frontiers of interior design. To create models of life, to interpret dreams and to answer people's expectations - these are the skills we instill in you, because you will be able to create lifestyles - and not just beautiful homes. This interior design course draws extensively on the Made in Italy philosophy, with a close link between style and technology.

Product Design Course

The freedom of creativity is nothing without marketing and research

Studying product design at Istituto Marangoni is not simply about manufacturing aesthetic lamps and functional packaging. It is much deeper than this. The Product Design course gives students the skills and ability to design products through an in-depth knowledge of branding. Rather than merely focussing on any single object, in our product design school we study the philosophy of marketing applicable to the product. Because creating outstanding design is about researching markets, ideas and trends, it is learning how to take advantage of the richness of the past and the optimization of all components of a project. To be a good designer, you should acquire a keen understanding of people, cultures and belief systems. Only then that can you create something unique and your result will be beautiful, useful and better products.

Graphic Design Course

Understand your target and communicate using all narrative and visual tools. From brand identity to niche marketing, your ideas and designs have the ability to make or break products and services In this Graphic Design Course, you will be able to understand the context of the market and communicate it using narrative and visual tools, including video and new media. For this reason, after a solid grounding of graphic design, this programme deepens the communication of the identity of the brand as well as its publicity. After this Graphic Design Course you will be able to apply the rules of marketing and brand awareness in every project of visual communication as well as your analysis of local and global attitudes and trends. Generate and define concepts, research and explore art and style. These are the new basic rules of a perfect graphic designer today. All this will become your career, so let image and expression speak. Graphic Design is far away from long days of mouse-clicking, choosing typefaces, software and paper samples. Graphic design today means also being aware of the potential of the creative concept and research for new business strategies.

Master Programme in Fashion Design

To express your creativity properly, you need an in-depth understanding of the fashion world. To design a collection and recognise fabrics is no longer enough to succeed in fashion. You need to go deeper: to research, identify styles, create and, at the same time, foresee the most intriguing trends. Today, there is no room for improvisation. Everything must be planned in detail because the fashion designer of today must be able to design and interpret life styles in line with the attitudes of the moment, which are continuously changing and evolving according to historic, cultural and social events. The creativity of a fashion designer must therefore be nourished, but it must also be educated, putting it in direct contact with working reality, with market difficulties, with production needs, with customers' expectations, with brand image as well as present and future trends. The aim of the Master Programme is to go beyond the practical teaching of how a collection must be coordinated. It will explain how to launch a product, a collection or an idea globally, starting with careful research and staying in line with the trends and lifestyles of the present and the future