Items for sale in mansfield and other areas.

***Hello and welcome to Items for sale in mansfield and other areas.***

***Please read the Groups rules before joining the Group***

* Bump every 6 hours.

* NO weapons to be sold here.

* NO pets to be sold on the group.

* If you think banning a admin on the group will allow us not to see what you are selling (well we can still see and you will be Banned).

* Please be respectful/Polite to others on the group or you will be banned of the group.

* Please Delete your post once your item has been sold if you cannot Delete the post please add a Comment saying Sold and one of the admins will remove it for you.

* business pages are welcome but please do not SPAM the page loads of times.

* No selling Fake copped or stuff this is not allowed to be sold inside a shop on the Group (admins do monitor this page all the time)

* Be a smart Buyer/seller if it sounds to good to be true then walk away

* When buying a item Always check if the item is working is not missing anything from the item as once you have walked away with the item admins cannot do anything about getting your Money back.

*You can also report members by clicking onto the arrow and report to admin a admin will get the report straight away

*Anyone selling fireworks or fags or any other things u have to be 18+ for it will be removed as some people sell to under aged

* We have a 2 Strikes and your out rule
this is for people who do not follow the rules
1st strike is a warning
2nd strike is a instant Ban and removed from the group

We hope you all enjoy the Group and we Welcome everyone

Thank you


Items for sale in mansfield and other areas.

Admins of the Group

Emma Lou Jones
Emma Leitch Jones
Lee j'r
Haylea Williams
Any problems please message a admin