Items For Sale - West Lothian

Items For Sale - West Lothian

Ask to join and come sell your items, make some money.

I have 2 aims for this group. For the group to reach 10,000+ members and for you to sell stuff making money.

Group guidelines

1. No Selling of if illegal, counterfeit or pirate material, do not knowingly sell stolen goods, goods you have obtained for free from other groups or pages on Facebook firearms, alcohol or drugs.

2. For your own safety, do not post personal details, if you do choose to share personal information in this group, it's members and the administrators will not be held responsible.

3. Be nice, we are all adults, please act like it and only comment if you're genuinely interested in buying the item.

4. When your item has been sold please remember to post on your comments/item discussion thread that it has sold. Then delete shortly after your "sold" comment.

Random checks will be done on the entire group and any post that has been marked as sold or has been dormant for 3 months or more with no bumps/push will be deleted

5. Unless you purchase a subscription to advertise there will be no business or personal website plugs allowed. If you are a business looking to advertise please visit the pinned post or check out the files section for more info, otherwise only eBay and Gumtree items can be posted in this group.

Just copy and paste the link and your eBay item including the photo will appear in the post.

6. Bump/Push your own post as often as you want (one per day unless stated unlimited bumps are permitted). Just remember to date your bump or push e.g. Bump/Push 13.08.2012

These guidelines are to ensure this group is fair and grows with genuine users and buyers. Any posts found that break these guidelines will be addressed by myself or voluntary administrators.

If you post items that are against the guidelines you will be given the opportunity to remove. If the post is removed by the administrators you will also be removed and banned from the group. If you repeat posting items that are against the guidelines or your online behaviour is unacceptable you will be removed without warning.

Please also note that even though this group could be described as a Customer to Customer group as no business are not allowed without a subscription purchased ad, everyone has rights and responsibilities as buyers and sellers. If you need any information please visit Trading Standard website or ask for the the group admin(s) for assistance.

The owner and or the admin(s) will not be held responsible for any miss-selling, damages or complaints. Any issues or disputes must be worked out between both parties and the admin(s) will strive to facilitate channels of communication. They will not pass messages back and forward but will do what they can to help.

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