DH2321 Information Visualization 2017 - IVIS17

Welcome to Infor...mation Visualization! Information Visualization is the art of helping people paint ideas from data.
After this class, you will be able to:

1. Collaborate in groups to create fully-functioning information visualization systems that facilitate actionable insight through interactive data transformations, visual mappings, and view transformations.
2. Defend your design choices.
3. Constructively criticize other information visualization systems.
4. Explain and demonstrate your information visualization systems to wide audiences, from novices to experts.
5. Elicit constructive criticism from users of your information visualization systems.

To achieve this goal, you will work on four projects, two individual projects, one final group project. You will get a grade (A>90%, B>80%, C>70%, D>60%, E>50%, F<=50%). These percentages are computed as follows:

Deliverable - Type - Due - percentage of final grade
1. Project 1 - Individual - 31.1 - 15%
2. Project 2 - Individual - 21.2 - 25%
3. Group Project - Ind. grades - 13.3 - 50%
4. Readings - Individual - Weekly - 10%

I will grade each project on its ability to accomplish the five learning outcomes above. You will be responsible for collecting and displaying the evidence of your progress through online project reports (webpages). To get a grade for Project 4 it must compete at the C-Awards 2016. I will grade your readings through your participation in class when we discuss the assigned readings. Look for information on our KTH Social page and our Facebook group page.