Ivy Tech Nursing Program


This group is for all Ivy Tech students who are either currently enrolled in, graduated from, or are interested in the nursing program (both ASN and PN).
If you know anyone that fits this description, please feel free to add them!

This is meant to be a friendly page where students may compare classes and campuses, share news, and get to know one another. Content does not necessarily always have to be about nursing; we're a family, share some personal news, too!

First: In the "Files" column, there is a document that has a list of all the campuses. Please edit and add your name under the campus you applied to, your total points (if comfortable with this), and if you were accepted.

Second: The notifications can get crazy. If you don't want to see so many, you can update the notification settings so you see fewer.

Third: I (Miranda Golter) am the creator and sole admin of this group. It is difficult to get to know everyone, but please feel free to add me/message me/whatever! You can come to me with any questions or concerns at any time.

A few rules include:

No cheating.
This includes answer sharing or copying in any form that includes but is not limited to: copying homework, sharing actual test or homework questions/answers, posting photos of homework assignments (blank or completed), etc.

No bullying.
This includes name-calling (in a hurtful fashion), belittling, antagonizing, talking bad about another member, etc.

No trash-talking instructors.
Pretty self-explanatory. We all have/had instructors we didn't like, but let's not get anyone into trouble on here. Just remember, a screenshot can be taken and shared instantly! Be careful what you say.

No HIPAA violations.
Please, have some common sense and courtesy not to share information about patients/residents on here. This can get you in serious trouble with the law.

***Members found to be cheating (either by sharing or accepting answers) or violating HIPAA will be banned immediately (and likely reported).
***Members found to be bullying or trash-talking an instructor will receive one warning and will be banned if continued.

Now that we have that out of the way, I just wanted to say that we have a really great group so far and we are all more than happy to welcome more students AND grads!