Jamaican Film Industry

Jamaica has a rich culture, talented in the arts. We've made some excellent classics (Harder they come) and some down right flops (Klash) in terms of movies.

This group is for people interested in Jamaican films. Whether independent, your personal or friends amateur movies or documentaries. Documentaries or movies set in Jamaica. Anything.

From Cool Runnings to Ross Kemp on gangs in Jamaica.

Appreciate it or tear it down here. Comment on the Film industry if you want. We're here to improve it.

Feel free to even promote your film work or seek help on film projects here.

But do not violate the rules.
1. No selfless promoting of non-film related items like parties, products, and services unrelated to the film industry.
2. Do not attack members in any inappropriate manner.
3. Do not double post more than once per month. If you post the same link or information two or more times within 30 days you will be warned once on your first violation. On the second violation it is up to the discretion of the admin whether to warn you again but most likely you will be removed from the group.
4. If you have a question or you are seeking information, the group has a search box near the top right.