Jaime's Organic Baby Food Sales

Hey there!!! I have decided to start making organic baby food, and wanted to share this opportunity with everyone who has little ones, but no time to make their food themselves. It saves you from the preservatives used in many store bought baby foods, and is at a fraction of the price of other organic baby-food brands.

For fruits and veggies it would be $.70/each individually. If you wanted to order weekly it would be $.65/jar. Monthly works out to $.60/jar. This works out to be $18/month for 1jar/day, $36/month for 2 jar/day, and $54/month for 3 jars/day. To buy from Whole Foods would cost $69.30 monthly for 3 jar/day. And they only have a very small selection.

If you have preferences I will make whatever you want. Otherwise you can give me your child's age and I will make a variety based on pediatrician and scientific research studies. I will add $4 to the order to exchange one meal/day with meat in it. These will be frozen only. I will only purchase non-hormone injected meat as well