Jain Study

Welcome to the JAIN STUDY GROUP
This study group is dedicated to the study of Jainism; the ancient religion that teaches that the way to liberation and bliss is to live a life of harmlessness and renunciation.
It is a platform, open to people from all faiths to express their views & exchange information with the objectives to;
* Research, understand & study the teachings of the religion; so as not follow it blindly
* To go beyond the 'rituality' and into spirituality
* Unearth the history & significance of the Jain archaeological sites
* Learn from scholars who have studied scriptures & manuscripts (Jain Art)
* Compare, co-relate & appreciate other religions/philosophies with Jainism
The aim should be to offer our individual understandings and learning, not in the spirit of giving any Updesh or Adesh (teach or direct/order) to anyone but as Anekantvad, a major principle of Jainism believes; there are many paths to the Truth; it is people’s prerogative to take these offerings and to draw their own conclusions.
What we strive for here, in this group, is to study, inquire, share what we have learned, and try to remove self ignorance.
Please let us do that peacefully.
Jai Jinendra