Jamaican National Dictionary

Do you love Jamaican words? Do you want to know the meaning of a word or find out where else in Jamaica or in the world the word is used? Do you want to know when a word was first used, how its meaning has changed, where it’s from or how it’s pronounced? Also, if you can tell us all of these things about Jamaican words this is the group for you to learn and share.

This is the official facebook group of the Jamaican National Dictionary (JND), the flagship project of the Jamaican Lexicography Project (Jamlex). The JND will be a web-based, multimedia dictionary covering Jamaican Creole (Patwa), Jamaican English and other varieties used in Jamaica such as Kromanti, Rasta Iyaric, Etu/ Nago and Kumina. We expect to launch the JND in August 2012 to mark Jamaica’s 50th Independence anniversary. The discussions we have here will help in the preparation of the dictionary. We are looking forward to sharing with you as we create history!

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Please note that your posts may eventually be used in the Jamaican National Dictionary.