Amman Online Garage Sale

This group is for anyone in or around Amman area to post things you would like to sell. All you have to do is upload the pic of what you would like to sell, put a brief description and a price. Anyone can post what they would like to offer or ask questions. Once you have an accepted offer on an item you make arrangements with the buyer for payment and delivery or pickup of the item. You can post anything to sell just like you would in a regular garage sale. Hope everyone enjoys this . Please add friends to the group because the more people know about this the easier it is to find someone to buy whats for sale. you can click on the above where it says #Photos to see all the pictures and prices of post by members or at the top of this page, go to search group and type in what your looking for, it will bring up all the people who have posted something about it! Just remember its a AWESOME ONLINE GARAGE SALE not a sight to promote your business... OH And HAVE FUN.. THIS IS A BLAST with some REALLY nice people and products!!!! Please respect the rules of the owner of this group ... And do not post advertisements for your business... We are trying to keep up, by deleting old post and pictures (that people forget to delete)... when an Item sales, It helps A LOT if you will delete your own when your item has sold and you have made contact with your buyer....

*Posts without prices might be removed, include the price to keep your post.
* One post per item please, more than one post per item all might be removed
* If post is repeated both posts will be removed
* Maximum of 4 posts per person
* Remove your post when item sold, or no longer needed on the wall
To refresh your post type ( max one per day ) " still available* To refresh your post type " still available ". The post will be also refreshed when any comment is added to the post (like if you respond to questions or if if you announce a price reduction)