Not that most will read them anyway, but it’s good to have them here.

Page has grown a lot lately so, a bit more clarification on what is good, what is bad and what’s just not fkn on.
Sorry to have to spell it out like this, but let’s face it. Some of you, just have no bloody clue.

1 – All posts must have a PRICE (Putting a price “to stop admin deleting” or “for admins sake” doesn't work. we’ll delete the ad anyway). Posting EOI, Swaps without a realistic cash price, Etc is NOT on.
2 – All posts must have a PICTURE (a screen shot of your add from your mobile phone does not count) This also includes the description. Put some effort into your add. Simply saying “details in pics” won’t cut it. Nor does linking to other sites.
3 – All posts must have a LOCATION.
4 – Wanted ads are totally OK. You don’t need a pic, but hey, it never hurts, right?
5 – Do NOT like random pictures of someone’s add. This causes the pic to “bump” with no information relating to the picture. If you “like” the pic, we will remove you. If you REALLY can’t control the urge and you are just DYING to like it, like the ad, not the pic. It usually results in the picture being deleted if you do.
5 – If you post shit, you will be banned. This is self-explanatory. Posting pics of your c%@k , mowers even your grandma will result in you never seeing this page again. If you see it done by someone else and you join in, you’re going on a holiday too.
6 – If someone starts shit in your thread, don’t bite. Tag a member of admin. It’s not hard. We are all meant to be adults here. Act it.
7 – Strictly no 4x4’s, utes, mini faggot trucks etc etc. Doesn’t matter if it’s a great tow vehicle. Same goes for motorbikes. Use some logic, it’s a car page. Try Logan swaps page.
8 – Sell your own shit. Not your mates. The only reason we see for not being able to post it was if your mate was banned. Tuff shit. These adds will be removed.
9 – If you piss and moan about the rules, good on you. You’re welcome to try the 11ty billion other “xxxx’s JDM page” that have been made by other butt hurt people that couldn’t follow the simple rules. If we see it, you’re gone.
10 – If admin doesn't reply straight away, have a snickers. We have a life too.
11 – Remember, We have a life too.
12 - You didn't even notice there is two 5's.
13 - You just scrolled back up to check.
Last but not least. If I see “I know it’s not JDM, but…” No hesitation, you’re out.

Many say that there’s too many rules. Originally there was three. But due to people nit picking and complaining because of this and that we have had to spell out a lot of things the usually wouldn’t be needed.

The facts are, this page is nearing on 20,000 people now. It is THE largest page for this specific topic. Anyone is welcome to use it as long as you keep within the guidelines. It’s not much to ask, we put a lot of work into this place for you guys.

Respect it.

Now, carry on