JEDLAB is a network of Jewish education people passionate about redesigning the Jewish ed ecosystem.

The Forward wonders if JEDLAB could provide a new model for Jewish education...

And the Jewish Week says that we're the "latest hotspot forum for Jewish educators":

But JEDLAB isn't *just* for educators.

If you're a teacher, parent, funder, organizational leader, writer, academic, student, communal professional, whatever you may be, you belong HERE. This is your network.

We're inspired by the MIT Media Lab's model, with an ethos that includes:

Creative freedom
Anti-disciplinary work
Hard fun
Serendipity by design
A focus on demonstration and iteration
Master/Apprentice partnerships
Big dreaming
Democratic creation

Read more in Frank Moss' book "The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices" []

This conversation about the future of Jewish education occurs across multiple platforms (#jedlab on Twitter). We encourage you to take your conversations to any available and necessary space. Reach out to other members for 1:1 meet-ups, in person, on the phone or Skype, in chats or email. Just make a connection.

Join our JEDLAB network to discuss, share, collaborate, learn, and build.
Be welcoming, honest, and open.

Let's make stuff happen...