Jeep Flea Market

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I created this group for all Jeep Lovers. This group forum is NOT JUST A FOR SALE page, but a page for all Jeepers to share their own Jeeps with others. Also, to share Jeep knowledge and technical talk along with anything else Jeep related!!!

This forum is for Jeepers who are building there Jeeps and want to share parts for sale,swap or show and see pictures of their own or others Jeeps. This page will make it easier and more visible to all who are looking to sell, trade, or swap Jeep parts. I have a passion for Jeeps and love sharing this passion with other Jeep Lovers. ENJOY!!!

Please be courteous and kind when posting. Please add the following to your posts...if we all follow the standard, it will make for a much easier and enjoyable experience!

First and foremost, I am aware that we do live in America and everyone has there 1st Amendment rights and Freedom of Speech and Expression...but PLEASE, I ask you to please refrain from publicly commenting on others sale posts expressing your thoughts of displeasure with there pricing. You would not be pleased if it was done on your posts so please do not do it to others...if you feel the need to share your opinions, please do it privately via message. Thank you again for making this the BEST JEEP FORUM ON FACEBOOK!!!

1-State item description and condition
2- Pictures of item
3- Location of item (city and state)
4- Price of item and include price of shipping (if your willing to ship)
5- Describe whether your willing to barter, trade, or swap

Please keep in mind, this group was created for ALL Jeep owners. Feel free to share any Jeep pictures of your rig or others found on the internet, Jeep events or any other Jeep information you feel the Jeep community would enjoy and find informative.

If your working a deal with someone, make sure you use a Paypal email address if your having something shipped to protect both the buyer and seller.

Thank you go have some fun and let's build our JEEPS together!!!