This is a group meant for students preparing for the IIT JEE exams in 2015 and 2016. How will the new changes impact your prepartion? how to prepare? this is a closed group community. Share with your friends. It's also a place for the parents to share their tips and tricks with their peers.

Should you take the plunge with Science subjects and prepare for the IIT JEE exams in 2015 and 2016? or is it too early? Should you join a coaching class or take a correspondence course? What role should your parenst play in your preparation? When you should you ideally start? Is IIT JEE worth all the effort given the choice of new careers and industries?

Please keep the questions and answers to JEE or Engg exams prep only. This is a serious study zone. Feel free to ask or answer posted queries. We do have a few IITians also as members and they will step in from time to time.

'Zero tolerance' for outside links and any other non-relevant information like promotions etc. Such members will be barred.