Jenny's Recipes

Welcome to Jenny's Recipes!

I am totally a self taught cook with no formal culinary training but just passionately and inexplicably in love with food. What I know is from learning through cookbooks, magazines, TV shows, internet and a huge amount of trial and error.

I have an unnatural obsession with chocolate and peanut butter. Bacon with Jam. Salty desserts. Cinnamon. Nutella. Pink food. Banofee pie. Tempura. Aubergine. Lasagna. Garlic. TBC

I don't really have a favourite cuisine as such because food is just too wonderful to choose a favourite but a few to think of would be South East Asian, Italian, Indian etc.

What you will find here are some of my favourite and tested recipes. I hope you leave this page with the insatiable urge to run into your kitchen and whip up something you have found here and make people happy!

Happy Cooking :)