General Knowledge

Dear Members:
Please do take out few mins to read the house rules:
All members are bound to follow the House Rules. Failing to follow these House Rules may result in post deletions, member warnings and may eventually result in ban from the group. Although the rules are clear but any ambiguity as to what constitutes a breach of the House Rules will be decided by the Admins.

The rules apply equally to all the members.


1. Please do not post sexually explicit or other similarly offensive content or links.

2. Discrimination will not be tolerated; this includes but is not limited to remarks regarding race, ethnicity, descent, disability, sex, or sexual preference.

3. The publishing of threads or comments that threaten to antagonize another poster, inflame a situation or cause unrest on the group are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, threads or posts that are clearly untrue or published for the sole intention of provoking another poster.

4. Personal abuse of other posters will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to swearing and aggressive insults. If you have a personal issue with a fellow poster, please sort it out privately or away from the group.

5. Spamming Advertisements is not allowed through any medium or by any method.

6. Please do not post threads or comments encouraging unlawful acts. Please be careful not to posts comments or threads that may be considered libelous.

7. Do not disclose any private or personal information about other people, whether they are members here or not, without first obtaining their consent. Likewise, avoid publishing personal information about yourself that you do not wish to be public knowledge.