Jen Weatherman - BFL Champ to Plexus Ambassador

Hi, my name is Jen Weatherman, Body-for-Life Grand Champion for the Women's group 29-39 for 2006.

I created this group to offer more information about the wellness company, Plexus Worldwide, and how it's all natural products are changing lives. I want to share testimonies from real people who were overweight, over-stressed, pre-diabetic, diabetic, battled auto-immune diseases, all kinds of skin conditions, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, candida overgrowth problems, etc. and no longer have the symptoms, pain, or lbs. dragging them down. I believe that Plexus has tapped into a combination of ingredients that cleanse and balance the body so that it functions the way God intended it to. Please take a few minutes to see and read how Plexus may help you, family, or friends gain your life back! #317248