Fans of JBD Jerome Baker Designs

There is allot of history in the Modern Glass Pipe Movement and Jerome Baker is synonymous with the ROOTS of this movement

Based in Eugene Oregon - JBD or Jerome Baker Designs at its prime was the largest of any of the so called " paraphernalia or bong " manufacturers - The company grossed over 4 MILLION dollars in sales in 2002 !

Jerome Baker has not made any pieces since the " Operation Pipe Dream " bust in 2003.

Jerome Produces a Current Exposition / Conference titled " Connoisseur Kulture "
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Heres a description as taken directly from text in a 2001 Catalog

Jerome Baker Designs
is a pioneer in interplanetary glassworks. Jerome Baker Designs, Inc., began creative endeavors in the art of functional glass tubeware in 1991. JBD was the first to design a durable flame-worked glass waterpipe that was both functionally reliable and visually exquisite. This waterpipe, which changed color when you used it, was the catalyst, the seed from which flowered a phamily of smoking devices that evolved in quality, artistry, and ingenuity over the years.

The Path
Working night and day behind one torch and a kiln the size of a toaster, Jerome Baker did not realize his labor would someday ignite a prolific glassblowing operation of international renown. But it did. Today, with more than forty glassblowers and a dedicated staff working around the clock, JBD is a phamily owned and operated enterprise of professional glass craftsmen and women.

JBD's nationally recognized artists have won distinguished awards in numerous international competitions and exhibitions. JBD hosts its own special exhibitions and demonstrations around the world -- from Oregon to Amsterdam -- and is a dedicated sponsor of many cultural arts, music, and sporting events. With headquarters based in the USA, Jerome Baker Designs supports its local community and the environment by strictly using local vendors, staff, materials and resources, by releasing no toxic emissions, and by recycling all remnant glass materials to the fullest degree.

"We concentrate
on five goals: symmetry, balance, functionality,
design, and durability."

The Process
JBD does not use factory molds or production lines. Wearing protective Didymium glasses to block out the intense heat and glare of molten glass, JBD artists take borosilicate glass (an amorphous noncrystalline "supercool" liquid) through a complex process of fusion, firing, annealing and fuming, colorization and decoration, using a variety of inventive techniques.

Because it is neither a solid nor a liquid, borosilicate glass exists in a vitreous, or glassy, state. When it cools, its atoms remain in the same random chaotic order as in liquid form, but with enough cohesion to produce rigidity. This is the reason for its transparency. As we fire and shape the silica by hand, we concentrate on five core goals: precise dimensional symmetry, perfect balance, intense functionality, brilliant design, and lasting durability.

There exist no limits to the fantasy of a designer. The imagination runs wild in the Pyrex workshops of Jerome Baker Designs. Designers create a hybrid of ancient and futurist motifs. Designs are available in several styles and can even be customized to your individual specifications. However, no two designs are the same. Each waterpipe varies in size, color, and design

Why Choose JBD?

Filters carcinogens in smoke by 50%
Original quality, handmade work of art
Made of the highest quality raw materials
Available with personalized designs
Heightens the smoking sensation
Resistant to cracks and fractures
Guaranteed free from defects
Are easier to clean than other pipes
Are upgradable with attachments
May become a collector's item

"One water pipe, that is love; two pipes, that is passion; three pipes, that is commerce."
— French Proverb

With a regiment of world-famous glassblowers from the United States, Germany, France, and Brazil, JBD unveils a new line of glassworks and accessories created in celebration of the new millennium.

Look for the latest culmination of the tribal and industrial, the technical and organic—look for the seal of quality that is always known as Jerome Baker Designs. So it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Blessed be the artists of creation. Praises to the most HIGH.

Here is a description of the company as it went through its " ACTION SPORT - SKATE " Phase

A pioneer of interplanetary artwork, Jerome Baker has been constantly heightening the sensory experience. Jerome Baker started the company in 1991 and made unique one of a kind Glass sculpture for an incredible audience. Lots of celebrities have commissioned Jerome Baker to make his extraordinary pieces for their personal enjoyment. In 2004, after taking a three-year retreat, Jerome resurrected the vibe. A life long dream of Jerome Baker was to mix the art world with the skate world to achieve a fresh look with a unique style. Today Jerome Baker Decks has offices in Los Angeles, Maui and Eugene. Jerome has created 8 new decks made from all American Hard Rock Maple with bomb graphics done by some of the Northwest's premiere illustrators - stay tuned in at to check what the team is up to and what Jerome’s schedule is!