Jewelry Exchange

A Group to sell/buy/trade body jewelry. THIS GROUP 18+ ONLY!! You are required to read the rules before posting and we operate on the 3 strike rule. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

According to microbology standards, used jewelry can never truly be sterilized. The chances of contamination from a normal healthy individual when worn in well healed piercings are very small.
We put the onus on you, as the buyer/seller to use your own judgement and act accordingly. We operate on the premise that you are all consenting, educated adults and you are responsible for yourself.
We will not tolerate argumentative or inflammatory or derogatory posts regarding the "dangers" of any item for sale in this group regardless of how well intentioned. We can appreciate your inclination to educate, but please do so in the appropriate forum. With thousands of members, we do not have the time to also moderate the inevitable bickering that results from these attempts.
If you have an objection or issue with the nature of the transactions transpiring here, feel free to remove yourself from the group. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Please understand that we get a lot of add requests and we go through each request very carefully. If you have high privacy settings or no body mod content on your page, you may be rejected. Please message one of the admins if your request was rejected and you feel you should be added.

-Robin Scott, Admin
-Tyson Allen, Admin
-Gwen Golightly, Admin
-Rylan Reed, Admin
-Becky Wellington, Admin