Jews Views and News

JUDAISM is not just a religion [1] "A Book - TORAH", but also a [2] "People = AM (in Hebrew)" who are all united by one soul (from the sparks of Adam) & [3] "a Land - ERETZ YISRAEL", going back over 3,000 years and there has been much learning since the Exodus from Egypt in 2,448 (1,313 BCE). This website relies on the tradition that 600,000 adult males & their families (See Exodus Chap 12:37) witnessed the revelation of G^d Speaking to the Jewish people on Mt. Sinai. Now over 3,000 years later the People of Israel Live. We have seen the initial in-gathering of the exiles & the news + views posted here are the history in the footsteps of the Moshiach (may we merit his arrival soon in our lifetime)

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