John Jay Photography Club

The purpose of this photography club is to enlighten those with interest in photography by bringing them a step further into the world of 2D Art.

What can you find here?

Seminars - We do seminars about different topics (Composition, Black and White, Street Photography, Portraits, Lighting, etc.)

Excursions - We have excursions at least once a month. We visit museums like MoMA, MET and PS1. We also meet at specific location and practice photography.

Photo Contests - Every month here on Facebook we have a contests with different themes and awesome prizes.

Event Covering - Are you a representative of John Jay Club and want your awesome event to be covered by photographers? Fill out the form near our office at L2.70.24 two weeks before and we'll contact you.


"I don't know anything about photography.." - No worries! You don't have to be an experienced photographer to join the club. All you need to have is interest in Photography.

"I don't have a camera.." - Even though you need some kind of camera to do photography, it is not necessary to have a camera if you want to join the club.

"Do you guys meet every week?" - We meet every Thursday during community hour (1:40pm - 2:40pm) in room 1.90 in the New Building! Come with your cameras, questions, lunch or just to hang out!

"Where do you guys located?" - At L2.70.24 - Club Row in the Office of Student Life

"Can I come by to say hi and hang out?" - Yes! We are in the office during community hour. Come by to say hi.

"Can I put my pictures on your Flickr?"
You certainly can! Email them directly to [email protected] !


Apollonia Moriarty - President

Joey Olsza - Vice President

Christine Rajaram - Secretary

Derek Sokolowski - Treasurer

Email: [email protected]