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Welcome to the SWA Team Unstoppable Group of SWA Ultimate Corporation.
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Now if you are interested, please contact the Person who introduced this to you.
Supposedly that's the person who added you here.

In case you know someone who would probably like an "INCOME OPPORTUNITY" feel free to add them here.

Remember that YOU cannot choose your SPONSOR, give the credit to the person who brought you here, (otherwise there will be no way you can ever discover this awesome opportunity).

That culture is "STRICTLY ENFORCED IN THIS COMPANY". Follow the Golden Rule,
"Do unto others, what you want others to do to you" We all started here as a newbie, and you would start as a newbie as well..

Check out our HOUSE RULES. BELOW

Again, if you are interested, contact the person who introduced this opportunity to you.


House rules:
1. You are not allowed to post any other opportunity here.
If you do automatic banned.

2. Negative vibes are stricktly prohibited. Just leave this group if you are not interested .

3. Only SWA Team unstoppable Internet Entrepreneurs under Marivic Son Team are allowed to post here. This group was made and intended to help them and for their prospects to be exposed on our opportunity.

4. Anyone interested and wants to join. Contact the person who add you in this group. No SULUTAN allowed. Anyone caught will be banned not only here but also from our team.

5. Those who wants to join make sure to find the person who add you by typing your name in the members area and you can see who invited you here. If you fail to follow this rules,you will be disqualified from our team.

Welcome to this group once again and follow our guidelines.
And sorry for adding you in this group if you feel uncomfortable of staying you are free to leave.

Thanks and GODbless
Credit to: Marivic Son
Team Unstoppable