Jobs in Griffin/Spalding County, Georgia

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING: This is an open group for anyone offering or seeking work (traditional jobs) in or around Griffin, Georgia and/or Spalding County, Georgia USA.

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NO MLM, DIRECT SELLING, OR OTHER "OPPORTUNITIES": Due to numerous spam posts, this policy has become more strict. We do not allow ANY sort of multi-level marketing, direct selling, or any other type of "business opportunities" to be posted. Any posts that even slightly resemble the above will be deleted and the person making the post will be permanently banned from the group. (Note to repeat offenders: If you get banned from enough groups, your entire account is at risk of being flagged and deleted by Facebook.) Sorry, but we have to keep this board relevant and useful to our members. Thanks for understanding.

PLEASE POST HELP WANTED SIGNS: Our policies for posting are that anyone may post at any time if they are posting about a legitimate job offer in or near Griffin, Georgia. In fact, we encourage people to post here any time they see a "Help Wanted" sign at a local business.

WORK WANTED & BUSINESS PROMOTION POLICY: If you are seeking employment, it is okay to post the type of work you are seeking in moderation. For example, please don't post the same request more than once a week, and please don't post your entire resumé! Generally speaking, this is not a good place for existing businesses to solicit customers. However, if a job seeker is posting a request for work as a freelancer doing a service that your company offers, we will allow a post promoting that business as well, just to be fair. Please be careful not to overpost or otherwise abuse this policy. Thank you.